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You deserve the best entertainment for your wedding and Love of Music is here to deliver just that. Love of Music is different than any other Wedding DJ company in NY’s Capital District Region, and we’re proud of that.

Specializing in modern entertainment, we have the ability to take your event to the next level while simultaneously upholding classic styles and paying respect to the elegance and formality of your wedding. We not only pack your dance floor, we build great energy that completely redefines traditional wedding entertainment.

It’s your special day from the moment you walk thru the doors.  Expect an unforgettable experience created especially for you and all of your guests.  You’re our VIP!

Expect More . . . You Deserve It!

The Man on the 1's & 2's

I am Chris Johnston, the Founder of Love of Music.  I started this company with one focus in mind…To shatter the standard mold of what couples have come to normally expect from the stereotypical Wedding DJ!  With a solid history in nightlife & private events, I’ve built a reputation of knowing how to get the party started and keep it going all night by spinning live set’s and playing good music!

When it comes to a great party, music means everything. But music isn’t just a great playlist . . . It’s about having a DJ that can mix that music seamlessly and play the right song at the right time.

Often at a wedding reception, a lot of musical ground needs to be covered during a short period of time . . . transcending both cultural & generational boundaries. Diverse music styles and genres need to be connected and presented in a way that keeps the momentum up and the dance floor packed. This is accomplished thru the artistry of Live “On-the-Fly” Mixing.  Take a listen to our mixes . . . Turn up the volume and enjoy!