entertainment redefined


Welcome to Love of Music . . . Rockin’ out weddings & events throughout the Albany, Saratoga, Troy & Lake George areas!

Selecting the right entertainment is an investment into your celebration’s success, and one of the most important factors you will consider for your special day.

At Love of Music, we understand the importance of your celebration, and will create a stress-free entertainment experience that you & your guests will never forget! We believe in total event personalization, and utilize a Modern Boutique Style approach to wedding entertainment.

The Man on the 1's & 2's

I am Chris Johnston, the Founder of Love of Music. I started Love of Music with one focus in mind…to shatter the standard mold of what people normally expect from the stereotypical Wedding DJ!!

With a solid history in nightlife & private events, I’ve put together a team of DJ’s who’ve built a reputation of knowing how to get the party started and keep it going all night long!

Often at a wedding reception, a lot of musical ground needs to be covered during a short period of time . . . transcending both cultural & generational boundaries. Diverse music styles and genres need to be connected and presented in a way that keeps the momentum up and the dance floor packed. This is accomplished thru the Artistry of ‘Live Mixing’ (Club Style Mixing).

You won’t ever have to worry about us using cheesy interaction skits, playing pre-set playlists or group dances (Electric Slide, Macarena, etc.).  Love of Music DJ’s always spin live mixes!

We’re honored to be considered for your once in a lifetime celebration and look forward to hearing from you!